Red Coral (Moonga)


Red Coral Gemstone is associate with The Red Planet Mars. Red Coral ( Moonga ) Gemstone helps increase daring, fearlnessness. Wearing Red Coral gives power of administration, As per Vedic Astrology the Red Coral signifies anger, courage and confidence. Wearing Red Coral ( Moonga ) Gemstone bestows confidence, administrative power. Red Coral Gemstone plays dominating role in life of administrators, military officers.

Health benefits by Red Coral :- Red Coral is recommonded for curing low red cells in the blood, lack of sexual urge, masculinality. Wearing Red Coral can help increase self confidence, energy, drive, determination.

Red Coral recommonded to :- Red Coral stone is recommonded to those whose zodiac sign and ascendant is Aries, Scorpio. Whose Red Coral is weak or debilitated in the horoscope recommonded to wear Red Coral stone. Red Coral should be worn by those whose Mars is exalted in the horoscope to increase in courage, self confidence, energy.

How to wear Red Coral :- Red Coral should be worn in First finger in silver ring on Tuesday early morning by chanting following Mantra :-

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