Diamond ( Heera )

Manik Stone

Diamond is a precious stone. Due to its high dispersion of light it is mostly used in Jewellery and engagement rings. It is certified and graded based on Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. Diamond will glow under the Ultravoilet light. Diamond has fluoroscence and transperancy which reflects Ultravoilet rays. Due to super beauty, Diamond or Heera is one of the most desirable gemstones, Diamond is a central place of attraction due to its beauty. Diamond is used for bringing the planet Venus or Shukra in harmony and getting benefits of auspiciously placed Venus. In Indian Astrology, the Diamond is called as Heera. The planet Venus has been called as the planet of love and beauty. It is asymbol of luxuries, wealth, arts, crafts and all sort of comforts, prosperity and happiness. This precious gemstone ensures marital relationships to the wearer. Venus bestows beneficial aspects for artistic careers especially career in Media, Music and Entertainment industry. Diamond indicate luxurious life, worldly comforts, beautiful house and luxury vehicle. Well placed Venus in the horoscope bestows with artisitcs mind, friends, success in cinema, photography, dance, acting. Negatively placed Venus in the birth chart gives poverty, failure in love affairs, indulgence in extra marital affairs which destroys domestic life.

Health benefits :- Diamond is recommonded for curing low sperm count, lack of sexual urge, lack of desire. Wearing Diamond can help increase sperm count, removes kidney trouble, diseases related to urinary and reproductive organs.

Diamond recommonded to :- Diamond stone is recommonded to those whose zodiac sign and ascendant is Taurus & Libra. Whose Venus is weak or debilitated in the horoscope recommonded to wear Heera. Heera should be worn by those whose Venus is exalted in the horoscope to increase in love & affection, sexual urge.

How to wear Diamonnd :- Diamond should be worn in ring finger in silver ring on Friday early morning by chanting following Mantra :-

Does DIAMOND is suitable to you and what Gemstone's weight is necessary to reduce obstacles?

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