Hessonite ( Gomed )

Manik Stone

Hessonite is a Gemstone of shadowy planet Rahu, although it does not have physical existence. Rahu is the North Node is considered most malefic shadowy planet. It makes the native defiant, irresponsible, secretive. It indicate cheating, wickedness, confusion, destruction. Rahu is considered of instant money and sudden wealth. It also indicate harsh speech, gamlbling, thugs, cheats, foreigner, reptil, snakes. Hessonite has the ability to balance the energies of this powerful planet for the native. it helps the wearer to overcome all financial and physical problems caused by ill placed Rahu. Rahu represents the Head of the Dragon and is related to the head of the serpent (Daemon) in the human physiology, which controls activities like focus of the eyes, memory and ability to bring about behavioral changes in oneself.

Benefits of Hassonite :- In Sanskrit the Hessonite is known as Gomed. It is associated with the Planet Rahu ( North Node ). Enemies can't stand longer before the wearer of Rahu ring. It also removes fear, creates clarity of mind. Black Magic cannot affect one who wears this ring. One is safe from the fear of snakes and snake bites, accidents and injuries. It also overcomes suspicious nature and mind and cures phobias, effect of poisons, insanity etc.

Health benefits :- Insanity, mental disorder, wicked mind. It also signifies diseases which are difficult to diagnose. By wearing Hessonite one can overcome these diseases. Hessonite help the native reduce the sucidal tendency.

Hassonite recommonded to :- Hassonite stone is recommonded to those whose Nakshatras are Ardra, Swati & Satabhisha. Whose Rahu is weak or debilitated in the horoscope recommonded to wear Hassonite. Hassonite should also be worn by those whose Rahu is exalted in the horoscope to increase in power and success in politics.

How to wear Hassonite :- Hassonite should be worn in middle finger in iron ring on Saturday early morning by chanting following Mantra :-

Does Hassonite is recommonded to you and what Gemstone's weight is necessary to reduce obstacles?

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