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What to say about Narendra Modi? He already inspired us and he is a role model in the country today. Narendra Modi is a member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Fourth time he was elected as "Chief Minister" of state of Gujarat. In the date back, he was critised by media for the 2002 Gujarat riots. He saw a huge down time in 2002 and lot of controversies was around him. Even he was termed as "Maut ka saudagar" after Gujarat riot. He was termed as "Maut ka saudagar" after Gujarat riot by UPA ruled Congress Government. But he became victorius and continued his service to the nation.

He was praise for economic policies adopted in the state of Gujarat while serving as Chief Minister of Gujarat. He was a man behind accelerating high economic growth in Gujarat. He is the best Prime Minister of India today. After he became Prime Minister, he started reforms in various departments of government. He has started Janadhan Yojana for poorest people of India. He was louded for many such policies for well being of the countrymen. His bold step to annouced demonetization of Indian currency was a night mare for many people in 2015. Passing the GST bill for better economic environment was also one of best policy adopted in his leadership. GST bill was passed to strengthen economic environment and attract foreign businessmen and concieve them to be a part of Make in India program.

We shall now analyse the following his birth chart for astrological opinions. Our aim is to showcase his natural traits of leadership which Indian country was expecting since many years.

There seems the confusion about Narendra Modi’s birth details on the net. There are doubts about his birth times available. But as per our knowledge we taken based data as 17 September, 1950, birth time 11.00am, place : Mehsana (Gujarat) As per our our collected data his rising zodiac sign and Ascendant is Scorpio (Vrishchika Lagna). After careful analysis of the same, it was found that the one with Scorpio Ascendant fits his style better.

Lagna / Ascendant

Narendra Modi is born in Scorpio Lagna as well as Scorpio zodiac sign. Mars and Moon are friendly planets in scorpio in the lagna gives immense energy to him. As by default presence of Mars means Commander-in-Chief siting at the center who can control the political affairs with full of energy. Even Moon debilitated in Scorpio but in Navamsa Chart this debilitation gone, being friendly to Mars accords him support to his friend Mars. As it is well known that planet of energy of Mars accords him aggression in his approach and delivering high voltage speeches. Scorpio zodiac sign is a fixed watery sign and Mars and Moon in such watery sign accords him stability and energy in his approach.

He is born in Anuradha Nakshatra. People born under this Nakshatra exhibit qualities such as sociability, cool minded but a devising a plan in the mind to acheive best performance in any situation.

4th house

Lord of 2nd house (House of speech and voice) and 5th house (house of education, intelligence and skill) sitting in the 4th house having 4th drishti of Mars upon his friendly planet Jupiter empowering the native for confidant speeches. His fourth house (House of brotherhood) and (house of homely comforts) having 4th drishti of Mars upon his friendly planet Jupiter empowering the Gajakeshari yoga which accords him great professional and successful life and sense of brotherhoodness of his countrymen.

10th house

Lord of 3rd house (House of courage, valour and enterprising) and 4th house (house of homely comforts) seating with his friend Venus in 10th house gives him enduring success in his every work undertaken. Lord of 10th house seating in the 11th house gives gains from the profession. Saturn as known for principle, duty and commitment and links to him to masses along with vargottam planet Venus adds strength to him for successful execution of his work for the masses.

11th house

Lord of 11th house (House of benefits, labha) where mercury is exalted in the birth chart provides him many benefits accrues to him. Ketu and Neptune though malefic planets seating in the same house transfers the benefits to the people of the country.

Mahadasha / Antardasha
Moon Mahadasha (2011 to 2021)
Since 2011, Modi passing thrugh Moon Mahadasha till 2021 for a period of 10 years. As Moon is debilitated in birth chart he has to work hard to achieve good results but his friendly planets Mars seating in the same house and Jupiter in 4th house gives him required support for obtaining such results without much efforts and it can be seen by his bold step of demonetization and passing important GST bill in the parliament.

Mars Mahadasha (2021 to 2028)
At the end of Moon Mahadasha, Mahadasha of Mars going to start in the year 2021 till 2028. He has to put little more extra efforts for achieving desired results as Mars is debilitated in the Navamsa chart thereby decreasing his power by Mars. But with the help of Mars, Jupiter in quandrant which forms Gajakeshari Yoga which will lead him to success in every endeavour seems possible. Only extra care should be taken while Rahu (north node) antardasha is operating in Moon Mahadasha which may bring hurdles and failures in the antardasha.

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