Ruby Gemstone is the King of all gemstones. Its a soul force. It bestows good health and Strong resistance power to the native. Ruby stone bestows good leadership Qualities and authority to the native. On Wearing a Good Quality Ruby Gemstone, one feels a sense of responsibility.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Saphire enhances the power of knowledge and wisdom and sense of responsibility. Its associated with planet Jupiter who is natural benefic planet. Strong Jupiter ensures good education, religious nature. Yellow Sapphire generates vibrations for righteous mind.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Blue Sapphire is Gemstone for planet Saturn. Saturn means delays and discipline in life. Blue Sapphire helps to mitigate negative effect of Saturn and removes obstacles in life. It enhances chances of foreign travel if Saturn has benefic aspects on the native.


moti Pearl Gemstone associate with The Planet Moon ( Moti ). Moon is a symbol of love and affection. On Wearing a Good Quality Pearl Gemstone, one feels a stable and peaceful mind. Moon is associated to ‘Mother Land’ of home country.


Emerald stone is associated with Planet Mercury. Mercury is associated with Communication and Intelligence. Great mathemetician, businessman, public relational officers and great leaders and public speakers has Strong Mercury in their chart.


Hessonite Garnet is the gem for the shadowy planet Rahu, called the North Node in the West. Rahu represents electronic devices and electromagnetic radiation. It improves occult influences, fear, agitation, addictive behavior, drugs, lack of regard for society's norms or dissipation.

Red Coral

coral Red Coral is associated with Planet ‘Mars’. Mars is considered as ‘Commander-in-chief’ among all planets. Red Coral enhances aggression and courage, Bravity and Confidence to the native. Red Coral helps to maintain Blood Circulation and secures Immune system. Wearing Red Coral helps overcome difficulty of low sex drive.


Diamond is one of the most desirable gemstones for happy married life, Diamond bestows native with wealth and prosperity of all forms. It enhances emotions of love and romance between the couples. It develops artistic attitude in the native to be successful in Media and Music field.

Cat's Eye

Planet Ketu (South Node) is particularly known for spiritual awakening. The gem should be used with caution if the person is high in Pitta. Wearing this gemstone can help the native overcome doubt and uncertainty and poor concentration or lack of insight of the native.

Career & Profession

career.jpe Selection of accurate career step is necessary to settle in life. Wrong choice of career can be disastrous resulting in nervous break down and creating sucidal tendency within native. Do you want to know that which profession suits you? Will you be a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer? Do you want to know your stars for particular profession favourable or not?

Love and Romance
love.jpeg Love and Romance is a pleasurable emotional attraction towards another person. Without love and affection its very difficult to lead a happy life. One needs to find his true love and we help try to find true love. Love is the reason for your happiness, sorrows, likes & dislikes. Do you want how to remove obstacles in love life? Are you in need of astrological opinion about how to get your love life on successful track?

KalSarpa Dosha

kalsarpadosh.jpe KalSarpa dosha is formed when all the planets are trapped between Rahu (North Node) & Ketu (South Node) within the 180. Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets which casts negative influence upon the native. KalSarpa Sarpa dosha hindrance the growth of the native. Facing delays in finding attaining great height in the life? Want to ward off evil effects of KalSarpa Dosha?


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