Narendra Modi


It is rightly said, leaders are not created, they are born. Narendra Modi, are among them. He is a inspirational figure in the world today. He really inspired our nation altogether. Look at his social work for last many years. It is surprise to see him work all the day and night.

Virat Kohli


Virat Kohli is a best batsman in the world today. Having stylish batting at his core. His splendid cover drive and straight drive on the ground is a joy to watch. Ground stroke of Virat Kohli is a favourite short he plays on the field.

Amitabh Bachchan




Sachin Tendulkar, the greatest bastman India has produced in the first class cricket. He is a most respected icon and inspiration to our young cricketers. There was a day, he was worshiped by the people of India.

Rajnath Singh


Asha Bhosale


Lata Mangeshkar


Lata Mangeshkar is a Nightingale of India. Her beautiful and divine voice inspire many people in India. She is a landmark in itself in music industry. Her contribution towards music industry is tremondous.

Yogi Adityanath


Asha Parekh


Career & Profession

career.jpe Selection of accurate career step is necessary to settle in life. Wrong choice of career can be disastrous resulting in nervous break down and creating sucidal tendency within native. Do you want to know that which profession suits you? Will you be a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer? Do you want to know your stars for particular profession favourable or not?

Love and Romance
love.jpeg Love and Romance is a pleasurable emotional attraction towards another person. Without love and affection its very difficult to lead a happy life. One needs to find his true love and we help try to find true love. Love is the reason for your happiness, sorrows, likes & dislikes. Do you want how to remove obstacles in love life? Are you in need of astrological opinion about how to get your love life on successful track?

KalSarpa Dosha

kalsarpadosh.jpe KalSarpa dosha is formed when all the planets are trapped between Rahu (North Node) & Ketu (South Node) within the 180. Rahu and Ketu are malefic planets which casts negative influence upon the native. KalSarpa Sarpa dosha hindrance the growth of the native. Facing delays in finding attaining great height in the life? Want to ward off evil effects of KalSarpa Dosha?


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