Mars in Scorpio Sign

Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio controls the aggression of Mars to some extent as being watery sign. Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio sign. In Aries mars shows lot of courage and aggression but when Mars arrives in Scorpio, aggression and fiery nature of Mars is suppressed. Cool mind helps the Aries and Scorpio native to take a wise decision during this period.

Scorpio sign denotes watery element being Mars fiery nature is cooled down to some extent. Having Mars in fixed sign, Aries and especially Scorpio natives are steady, solid and tough. Due to watery nature of this sign, immense depth of emotions bottle up. Mars in Scorpio are sexiest lovers in the zodiac where in sex has the deepest significance. Scorpio sign is mysterious, seductive and tinged with danger. Aries and Scorpio native have emotional need, psychological understanding. These lovers are so dangerously exciting.

Mars in Scorpio Lovers often exert a strong sexual presence. Their seductive and mysterious attitude attracts others towards them. Sex has an addictive attraction for these folks and they have have an active interest in the darker aspects of sexual expression. They are secretive guys about their sex lives Mars in Scorpio lovers need emotional and pyschological intimacy between them.

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Ruby  (₹ 12000 Per Carat)
Pearl  (₹ 8000 Per Carat)
Yellow Sapphire
Y. Sapphire (₹ 15000 Per Carat)
Red Coral
Coral  (₹ 3000 Per Carat)
Hasonite   (₹ 8000 Per Carat)
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Venus  (₹ 25000 Per Cent)
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