Lucky Perfume for All Zodiac Signs

Lucky Perfume

Perfume Preferences by Zodiac Signs

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Aries persons like Cloves, Vanila, Cinnamon and nutmeg, musk, minty and citrusy flavours of perfumes.

Woody, Oriental and Floral flavours of perfumes liked by Taurians

Woody, Spicy and Softs flavours of perfumes liked by Geminians

Jasmine, Orange, Vanila, tuberose, white musk, Sandalwood and Amber perfumes are liked by Cancerians

Fruity, floral scents liked by Leo women, Ocean or Citrus scents are liked by Leo Natives

Delicate, Sensual and feminine scent and perfumes are liked by Virgo Natives

Tuberose, Clementine and Sandalwood scents and perfumes are liked by Libra Natives

Lotus, flower, Black Peper, Chocolate, Sophisticated Floral and Seductive Floral and musk perfumes are liked by Scorpian Natives

Cherry, Blossom, White tea, Ginger or melon scents and perfumes are liked by Saggitarius Natives

Earthy, Musky, Floral, Woody, Spicy, Honeysubtle, Warm woods and Green tea perfumes are liked by Capricorn Natives

Citrus, Oriental, Fruity aromas, Lotus leaves, Crispy citrus, Sweet vanilla, Warm cedar, Orange, Vanila, Liqyorice, Grape fruit and Lavendor perfumes are liked by Acquarius Natives

Oceanic, Fruity and Fruity perfumes liked by Pisces Natives


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