Blue Sapphire ( Neelam )

Blue Saphire Stone

Blue Saphire has a elements of condrum and aluminium oxide. Typical color is blue but natural color of saphire occurs are yellow, purple, orange, and green. Purple, Ultra voilet and green are the secondary hues found in Blue Saphire. Blue Saphire is a polished Gemstone and worn in jewellery. Blue Sapphire, also called ‘Neelam’ in Hindi, is considered the most powerful Stone in astrology. It brings success, name and fame in society. When Saturn is known for slow but surely results for his efforts. The success is delayed and it requires tremendous hard work to achieve what the person deserves. A weak Saturn makes the person demotivated and Lazy. On the other hand, if the Saturn is strong, person gets Fame and Popularity. A strong Saturn ensures financial growth and motivation. The Person is motivated to work in right direction and gets due credit for his work. Weak Saturn can cause disputes in Personal and Professional life. Weak Saturn can bring court disputes in life.

Benefits of Blue Saphire :- Saturn is a slow moving planet emiting blue color. Saturn indicate strict discipline, restrictions, patience, obstacles. Negative Saturn causes humiliation, limitation and separation. If malefic, the person is wicked in mind, lethargic, lazy, decietful. Saturn makes the person reserve nature, hard worker and straight forward. Wearing blue sapphire helps in making Saturn stronger. It is advisable to the native that Blue sapphire is the stone for Saturn planet and it should be worn after consulting the astrologer. Since Blue sapphire is a very powerful stone, it shows results in few days. Blue sapphire can be applied to cases like criminal cases, Divorce cases etc.

Health benefits :- Blue Saphire prevent long term and chronic diseases like tuberculosis, paralysis, insanityy, gastric troubles etc.

Blue Saphire recommonded to :- Blue Saphire stone is recommonded to those whose zodiac sign and ascendant is Capricorn & Acquarius. Whose Saturn is weak or debilitated in the horoscope recommonded to wear Blue Saphire. Blue Saphire should be worn by those whose Saturn is exalted in the horoscope to increase in power and success.

How to wear Blue Saphire :- Blue Saphire should be worn in middle finger in iron ring on Saturday early morning by chanting following Mantra :-

Does Blue Saphire is recommonded to you and what Gemstone's weight is necessary to reduce obstacles?

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