Quick Analysis of horoscope helps to look into the future, predicting of future possible events in life. Identify bad yogas of malefic planets and recommend remedies such as Gemstones, Rudrakashas, Mantras. It gives sade sati analysis and mangal dosha analysis and Vimshottari Dasha Predictions.

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Horoscope Matching

Match Making for Marriages

Marriage is an important event in ones life. Finding perfect match is must. Mental, physical and emotional compatibility of boy and girl is a must for successful marriage affairs. Vedic astrology has proven method of horoscope matching based on nakshatra, zodiac sign. We provide perfect Guna milan for successful marriage.

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  • sun

    Laxmi Yoga

    An individual borned in Laxmi Yoga will be endowed with good qualities, handsome, a ruler of a good region, religious. He is a man of high status and integrity, prestigious, honoured by king's, has noble wife of charitable disposition, protecting his own people and enjoying wealth and comforts of life. Do you have Laxmi Yoga in your kundali? Check now for existence of such yoga in your kundali.

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  • sun

    Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga

    When debilitated benefic planets get aspect of benefic planets in the horoscope or debilitated benefic planets is aspected by his dispositor, Neecha Bhanga Raj Yoga is formed. In such yoga, debilitation is cancelled by benefic aspect by planets or dispositor. When such cancellation appears benefic planets accords all the benefic aspects to the native which can create Raj Yoga. Do you have such Raj Yoga? Please click here and find out.

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  • sun

    Vipareet Raj Yoga

    When lords of bad houses occupy jointly or severally exchanges their houses Vipareet Raj Yoga is created. When such exchanged is taken place, the malefic effect of such houses are cancelled and nullified. When malefic effects are cancelled one is bound to shine in his life. He is accorded a extensive wealth and prestige in his life.

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  • sun

    Gajakesari Yoga

    The person borned under Gajakesari Yoga will be splendorous, wealthy, generous, intelligent, endowed with many virtues and will be remembered for his merits even after his heavenly abode. Gajakesari Yoga works with in the perspective of one's qualifications, social conditions and merits. Whatever he chooses, he excels over others.

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  • sun

    Vahan Yoga

    Native will have excellent conveyances under Vahan Yoga. Vahann yoga multiplies income and acquisition of Vahana or conveyances. One may have air-conditioned luxury car. He shall be accorded all comforts, wealth in his life. He shall excel in dealings in luxury cars. Do you have such a Vahan Yoga?

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  • sun

    Daridra Yoga

    The native with Daridra Yoga will suffer from some ear disease, be under debts, be poor, have inimical elder brother, be talking in sarcastic language, be doing baser deeds and work and be in lower employement. He is penniless person, cannot enjoy worldly comforts, honour, prestige and good food and happy living.

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  • sun

    Dhana Nasha Yoga

    The person borned under Dhana Nasha Yoga looses his money or is born penniless, for reasoning not mentioned. He cannot enjoy worldly comforts, honour, prestige, good food and happy living. He constantly under the debts and remain poor through out his life.

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  • sun

    Bahu Putra Yoga

    Having a child is a blessings of all mighty God. Bahu Putra Yoga means, the native shall be endowed with more male children. And when native is endowed with more male children, he is the happiest person in the world. Having a children in the family is God's gift and completes the family. Fortunate people have such Yogas in their horoscope.Do you have such Yoga in your horoscope?

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  • sun

    Ruchak Yoga

    A Great Commander is born in this yoga. He is called Commander-in Chief. He is courageous and victorius. Those person has Ruchak yoga in their horoscope, kills his enemies. An individual dominates and rules others. He earns his name, fame and prestige in life. Does your horoscope has such yoga? Consult us immediately to know the presence of such yoga in your kundali.

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  • sun

    Malavya Yoga

    A person has handsome personality, beautiful almond shaped eyes, wealth. An individual has fine gestures, graceful body contours. He is handsome, meritorius and splenderous. He is endowed with happy children and wife. He is renowned, learned and possess vehicles. He is dynamic diplomat and has good ministrial ability and advisory capacity. Consult used to know the presence of such yoga in your kundali.

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  • sun

    Bhadra Yoga

    An individual has sharp intellect, be witty, be well dressed, look like a gentleman and be praised by the intellectuals, be a good speaker. A person will presporus, king or king's minister,living upto a good old age. He enjoys vast fame, extensive wealth. The individual shall have very good pure (Satvik) nature and works effortslessly for the social cause.

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  • sun

    Saraswati Yoga

    The native borned under Saraswati Yoga will be well versed in poetry, knowledge of shastras, intelligent, praised by all and displaying his merits in almost all fields. He will be rich and endowed with good wife and children. He is endowed with much wealth, prestige and prosperity in his life. Do you have such yoga in your horoscope? Check it now.

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  • sun

    Devendra Yoga

    The native borned under Devendra Yoga will be happy, wealthy and enjoying all comforts through out life. He will have handsome physical body and be equal to a king in status. He earns huge profits by well set professional attitude. Do you have Devendra Yoga in your horoscope? Check here now.

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  • sun

    Vishnu Yoga

    The native borned under Vishnu Yoga will be devotees of lord Vishnu, afluent, prosperous, wealthy, a good orator, earning through foreign trade or foreign services, and be very witty. He attains all comforts and luxuries in his life. Do you have such yoga in your horoscope? Check it now.

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  • sun

    Kartari Yoga

    The person borned under the Papakartari Yoga will be a criminal, eating begged food and impure will not have comforts in life while one born under Shubhakartari yoga will have lustre, wealth and strength. Do you have Kartari Yoga? Click here to find out.

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  • sun

    Bahubharya Yoga

    Bahubharya means having more wifes to the native. The native will enjoy association of several wives. Human sexual cravings are full of variety, one tries to gratify his sexual cravings in various ways. In olden days the kings and their courtiers used to keep many wives. It was a symbol of sexual and physical prowess and prosperity. Do yo have such yoga? Click here to check?

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Great Personality

  • Narendra Modi


    It is rightly said, leaders are not created, they are born. Narendra Modi, are among them. He is a inspirational figure in the world today. He is charismatic leader in the world today. He is well known for his hard work.

  • Sachin Tendulkar


    Sachin Tendulkar, the greatest bastman India has produced in the first class cricket. He is a most respected icon and inspiration to our young cricketers. There was a day, he was worshiped by the people of India.

  • Lata Mangeshkar


    Lata Mangeshkar is a Nightingale of India. Her beautiful and divine voice inspire many people in India. She is a landmark in itself in music industry. Her contribution towards music industry is tremondous.

  • Virat Kohli


    Virat Kohli is a best batsman in the world today. Having stylish batting at his core. His splendid cover drive and straight drive on the ground is a joy to watch.

Love Marriage

lovemarriage.jpg Love marriage or Arrange Marriage? A love marriage is a union of two individuals based upon mutual love, affection and committment. True love between man and woman leads to love marriage. Find here love yoga in your horoscope.

Baby Names
babyname.jpe Person's name tells about his personality. Choosing appropriate name is a daunting tasks as there are varieties of names to be choosen from. Vedic Astrology can help choose right baby name for your child. Get accurate baby names based on Birth Constellation (Janma Nakshatra).

Health Astrology

healthastrology.jpg Health is wealth for human being. Medical Astrology helps to diagnose from signs, houses, planets. Vedic Astrology helps to reveal the causes of illhealth even before it is actual appear in the human body.

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Child Astrology

childastrology.jpg Combinations of group of planets influences child psychology. 1st house represents his self. Child's health can be judged from the 1st house. Moon in Vedic Astrology represents mind of the human. If benefic MOON in 1st house represents stable and creative mind of the child. Benefic aspects of JUPITER on 1st house makes the child religiously oriented.
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Horoscope Match

kundlimatching.jpg Marriage is an important event in ones life. Finding perfect match is must. Due to the fact that in today's competative world and chances of frequent ups and down time in the careers of boy's or girl, it became necessary to obtain details about the mental, physical and emotional compatibility between boys and girls for keeping their marriage successful affairs.

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Books & Publications


Astrology Consultancy

consultancy.jpeg Since ancient time, Vedic remedies are applied to the problems & obstructions in life. Vedic Astrology gives a specific remedy to your problems. Remedies are reduced by applying best remedy for your problem.
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Financial Astrology

financekundali.jpg Financial Astrology is a guide to prosper in life taking right decisions at right time. Financial Astrology focused on Business or Job prospects, Suggests area of business or job. It can determine luck in Investments and luck in speculative business.
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Career & Profession

career.jpe Selection of accurate career step is necessary to settle in life. Wrong choice of career can be disastrous resulting in nervous break down and creating sucidal tendency within native. Do you want to know that which profession suits you? Will you be a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer? Do you want to know your stars for particular profession favourable or not?

Wealth Status

wealthyoga.jpg Every individual needs money to survive. Analysis of horoscope can reveal the wealth yoga in this birth. Wealth yoga finds the wealth potential in the horoscope and focuses on Property prospects. Click here to know your Wealth online.


Mangalik Dosha

mangaldosh.jpe Mangal Dosha occured when mangal graha placed in 1,4,7,8,10,12 houses in the kundali. Does your kundali has a mangalik Dosha? Will marriage be delayed? What accurate Gem-stone remedy required for Mangalik Dosha to cure Mangalik Dosha?


Sun Rise Sun Set
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nakshatra Nakshatra : Till :-
rashi Rashi : Till :-
Career in Film & Media
entertainment.jpe Every individual is curious to know the success rate in Film & Media industry. Will you be an actor, singers, comedian. Will career in Film industry be successful? Would you be an actor? Will you become a comedian? Will you be a Musician or singer?

Gemstone Remedies

Ruby  (₹ 12000 Per Carat)
Pearl  (₹ 8000 Per Carat)
Yellow Sapphire
Y. Sapphire (₹ 15000 Per Carat)
Red Coral
Coral  (₹ 3000 Per Carat)
Hasonite   (₹ 8000 Per Carat)
Cat's Eye (₹ 8000 Per Carat)
Emerald (₹ 14000 Per Carat)
Venus  (₹ 25000 Per Cent)
Saturn (₹ 6000 Per Carat)

Progency & Fertility

progency.jpg Having a child is a blessing to married couple. Family is extended after the birth of a child. Progency problem is a major problem in the life of the married couples. Especially woman is considered incomplete without having a child. Do you have children yoga in your birth chart? Know why progency being delayed? Know when child birth would take place?

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